2 responses to “GTD and Me: a Confession, and a Plan”

  1. Mike

    Good luck on getting back on the wagon. GTD changed my life also. I was very disorganised which made my depression far worse.

    I use Evernote as my GTD app. I use tags to implement part of David’s system. Tags like @work, @home, @errands, @phone etc really help. It took a bit of fine-tuning to set up Evernote to work well with Evernote.

    My default notebook in Evernote is called ‘Collection Box’. This is where I forward any emails that are actions or information that needs storing.

    The other epiphany for me was when someone said that inboxes (email and SMS) should be emptied each night. I had tens of thousands of emails, now I have zero in my inbox. This is blissful. No email gets lost in the inbox now. If someone wants me to do something then email or text are the most reliable way to increase the likelihood of my reliability. I always tell people to email me if they want me to do something. From there it gets forwarded to my Evernote ‘Collection Box’. I then process the Collection Box, and it becomes a set of actionable ‘next actions’.

    Crazed simplicity at it’s best. David Allen said that his biggest driving force in ‘getting things done’ is the obsession to empty his inboxes. It’s like a bottom up way of driving things forward. I now totally ‘get’ this behaviour.

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